We are Transforming Africa's Digital Space

CIIDIA (Center for Innovative Ideas & Digitization In Africa) supports the digital transformation strategy for Africa by helping businesses “transform services to be simple, clear and fast enabling them harness the digital economy.

We are Transforming Africa's Digital Space

CIIDIA (Center for Innovative Ideas & Digitization In Africa) supports the digital transformation strategy for Africa by providing Digital solutions to businesses and Training African youth on digital skills to enable them harness the digital economy.

How do we achieve Digital Transformation
in Africa?

Our main commitment is providing Information Technology solutions to small & medium size businesses. This includes but not limited to software development, mobile apps, marketing tools and Internet of Things.  We are also focusing on Digital training for a more eSkilled Africa.


“Digital Transformation is a driving force for innovative, inclusive and sustainable growth. Innovations and digitalization are stimulating job creation and contributing to addressing poverty, reducing inequality, facilitating the delivery of goods and services, and contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.” 


The Problem

According to Kenyan 2019 Census 5,341,182 or 38.9% of the 13,777,600 young Kenyans are jobless. A large percentage of this number lack Digital skills and are unable to compete in the Digital economy.

Most Small business in Kenya are struggling to reap the full benefits of ecommerce because they lack the big budget to invest in software developers. They therefore miss out on Digital opportunities.

The Solution

CIIDIA Africa is bridging the unemployment gap among the youth in Kenya by equipping them with the necessary digital skills for them to work online or start their own businesses. We do this by offering both online and offline training.

We are also supporting small businesses with digital solutions that are within their budget. We also train their founders on digital tools that will enable them scale their business.

The Impact

Digitally skilled Kenyan youths will be able to compete for certain job profiles hence reducing the number of unemployed youths.  Our Digital Training will promote entrepreneurship, fostering indirect job creation

Small businesses will scale rapidly creating more job opportunities. This will accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Taking part in the CIIDIA digital trainings has enabled me start my own digital illustration company – Chamu Toonz – while in campus which has successfully grown over the past one year. I am currently taking the website design training to expand my portfolio and clientele.

Anthony Alvin - Digital Artist

How we support women-led startups

During the COVID-19 pandemic, women owned startups were massively affected than their male counterparts. A majority of businesses in the beauty, fashion, food and entertainment industry closed their physical shops and were struggling to migrate online. Reaping the full benefits of the digital space required skills that a majority did not posses.  CIIDIA Africa supported these businesses by providing digital tools & training to successfully launch online. We also gave their business discounts on our premium business services.

Ellena Achieng’ and her staff – Online Pastry Services