Our Programs

In our continued commitment to share digital knowledge CIIDIA Africa is actively involved in a number of programs. In addition to our online classes we organize content creation  bootcamps in various schools. We are also working on an online community radio project and a YouTube channel to share major events in African History. You can always support us on these projects to enable CIIDIA Africa realize its vision of equipping youths with digital skills for sustainability.

eSkills for Youth in the rural economy

Youth in rural Kenya have been left behind in opportunities of Digital economy. A major contributing factor has been lack of electricity and inaccessibility of  computer services. Though a growing number have access to smart phones, they still need digital skills that will enable them access job opportunities online. CIIDIA Africa aims to increase the number of youths accessing digital skills by organizing Training bootcamps. We aim to partner with portable solar companies in areas with no electricity to power our bootcamps.

Online Youth TV & Radio

With a large number of youth engaging in creative content. We are developing a platform for creatives to share work that impact the community. The TV and radio channels will also create internship opportunities for students who seek to further their career in content production.

Youths in this program will be exposed to digital tools used to create multimedia contents. A major focus will be supporting youths in the rural areas who have limited resources for creating content.