5 Day Graphic Design Class 1st -8th December

KSh 5,000.00

In this class, you’ll learn to use Photoshop to retouch and color correct photos, combine images, prepare graphics for web/print/video, and much more! You’ll get started with the basics and then move on to more intermediate features.

Throughout this course, you’ll work on a wide variety of projects. You will adjust color and contrast, remove unwanted elements from photos, make selections to work with specific parts of an image, take part of one photo and put it into another, as well as save images in the proper file formats. You’ll learn about layers, masks, paths, filters, type, and more.


Introduction to Photoshop Class: Course Topics

Module 1: Navigating Photoshop and getting to Know its Workspace

  • Workspace, Tools, and Panels
  • Understanding Bridge
  • Discovering the Tools panel
  • Accessing tools and their options
  • Using panels
  • Customizing your panels
  • Hidden tools
  • Navigating the image area
  • Using the Zoom features
  • Maximizing productivity with screen modes

Module 2: Organizing and Managing Photoshop files using Adobe Bridge

  • Navigating files using Bridge
  • Using folders in Adobe Bridge
  • Making a Favorite to easily access Photoshop files and locations
  • Creating and locating metadata
  • Opening a file from Adobe Bridge
  • Searching for files using Adobe Bridge
  • Saving a Collection
  • Automation tools in Adobe Bridge

Module 3: Making and Using Selections in Photoshop

  • The importance of good selections
  • Using the Marquee tools
  • Changing selections into layers
  • Working with the Magic Wand tool
  • Using Photoshop’s Lasso tool
  • Adding to and subtracting from selections
  • Saving selections
  • Feathering selections
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Making difficult selections in Photoshop using Refine Edge
  • Using Quick Mask
  • Copying and pasting selections
  • Using Photoshop’s Pen tool for selections
  • Converting a Photoshop path to a selection

Module 4: Painting and Retouching in Photoshop

  • Setting-up Photoshop’s color settings
  • Color primer: understanding color
  • Understanding color gamut.
  • The RGB color model
  • The CMYK color model
  • Editing color settings
  • Selecting colors in Photoshop
  • Starting to paint color corrections
  • Using the Color panel
  • Using Photoshop’s Brush tool
  • Changing opacity
  • Using the Brush Presets
  • Using the Airbrush feature
  • Applying color to an image
  • Changing Photoshop’s blending modes.
  • The Eyedropper tool
  • Retouching images
  • Using the Clone Stamp tool
  • Repairing fold lines
  • Using the History panel
  • Working with the Spot Healing Brush
  • Fixing images with Photoshop’s Healing Brush
  • Using the Patch tool
  • Using the Clone Source panel
  • Cloning from another source

Module 5: Color Correcting Images with Photoshop

  • Choosing Photoshop color settings
  • Photoshop Color Modes: working in RGB when color correcting
  • Reading a Photoshop histogram
  • Making Curve adjustments
  • Benefits of defining a highlight and shadow.
  • Locating the White and Black Point
  • Entering the white and black point values
  • Adjusting midtones in an image
  • Setting the neutral
  • Sharpening images in Photoshop
  • Taking care of red eye
  • Using the Camera Raw plug-in
  • Using Camera Raw controls
  • Saving and reopening a DNG file

Module 6: Using Content-Aware Tools in Photoshop

  • Adding image area: expanding an image using Photoshop
  • Viewing the on-screen ruler
  • Converting the Background into a layer
  • Scaling the background
  • Using Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill
  • Content-Aware Moves in Photoshop
  • Content–Aware retouching in Photoshop

Module 7: Introduction to Photoshop Layers

  • Discovering Photoshop layers
  • Selecting layers
  • Moving layers
  • Changing the visibility of a layer
  • Using masks in a layer
  • Preserve transparency in a Photoshop image
  • Creating a composition: merging images together in Photoshop
  • Moving images in from other documents
  • Creating a layer mask.
  • Editing the layer mask
  • Cloning Photoshop layers
  • Aligning and distributing layers
  • Applying filters to layers
  • Creating a type layer
  • Applying a layer style
  • Creating a clipping mask
  • Filtering Photoshop layers


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